Erick Walters

Erick has taught elementary and high school over the past 20 years and with a strong focus on STEAM and Coding based programs for the last 8 years.  He has initiated, run and managed numerous out-of-school programs and camps, as well as developing in-school programs for schools.  He pioneered and designed the Applied Design Skills and Technologies program for a private school located in Maple Ridge.  Additionally, he has created an intermediate coding curriculum which is layered over the ministry mandated design curriculum.

“School is so often broken into 45-minute chunks of a subject, then they have to move on to another subject. In (design class), teachers reschedule things so they have a whole morning. And students still aren’t finished . . . they are engaged fully for that whole period of time. It’s made a huge difference for the kids’ engagement and they love it.”

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