Corporate Workshops

On-site team building that’s fun, engaging, and rewarding.

We offer fun and interactive learning opportunities for adults in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art or Mathematics (STEAM).

Our on-site corporate programs are structured with challenging, fun and engaging projects that are best completed through teamwork, a collaboration of a variety of minds and approaches to achieve the best possible outcome.  Your staff will not only enjoy the day, they will build stronger bonds and understanding between each other and how each team member plays a role in achieving a successful outcome.

As technology takes over more of the fact-based, rules-based, left-brain skills—knowledge-worker skills—employees who excel at human relationships are emerging as the new “it” men and women. More and more major employers are recognizing that they need workers who are good at team building, collaboration, and cultural sensitivity, according to global forecasting firm Oxford Economics. Other research shows that the most effective teams are not those whose members boast the highest IQs, but rather those whose members are most sensitive to the thoughts and feelings of others. (

In academia, the majority of research in STEM fields is conducted through collaborations and working groups, where a diversity of ideas need to be proposed and analyzed to determine the best strategy(ies) for solving a problem. In the technology sector, product development is done as a team, with specific roles for each individual but its success is predicated on each member of the team providing a different skill set / perspective. Thus, students who are interested in both academia and industry will benefit from learning how to successfully work in a diverse team. (

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