Our Vision

Our long-term vision is a comprehensive after-school and night school offering a suite of introductory and advanced courses where children can attain fundamental problem solving, computational thinking, software development and design skills using among others tools, robotics.


STEAM is an ideal vehicle for hands on use of technical skills embedded in a design process. It requires the 4 c’s – creativity, critical thinking, collaboration and communication.

Our Focus

Our focus is always on the success of the student; our teachers and staff are fully engaged in providing an immersive and supportive environment for students to grow in knowledge and skill in the discipline they have selected.  Whether it is a course in media arts or robotics or a full day STEAM camp, our courses are choreographed to achieve success for our students.

It's Fun

Regardless of content, children (and adults) learn best when the learning is fun.  Our courses are immersive, engaging, and fun.  Through game play and interactive challenges, students are constantly learning and increasing their knowledge-base and skills in a variety of subjects and disciplines.